Here at WOO CLASS,  we design and produce hand made eyewear with a special attention to product uniqueness and quality.
WOO CLASS is maker of wood and horn spectacles that combine precious and natural materials.
Through fashion and design, we explore and mix the fascination of history with modern functionality.
WOO CLASS eyewear stands out through attractive design and is extremely comfortable to wear. We also personalise our products to customer specific needs.
For those who acknowledge the difference between sartorial elegance and mass production.
For those who greet an “artisanal product hand made in Italy” as an added value.
We are team of people that work together sharing the same vision:
to build in a natural way transforming our projects in new goals to reach,
nurture our genuine passion for work through the study of new and shared ideas,
mantain our artisanal skills along with our creativity.
We solely produce our eyewear in Tuscany where solid tradition and modern technology are bound into a product crafted by expert and knowledgeable hands.
Since 2004 there is a meaning, in what we do.
Core of our investigation is the human being and his necessity of an instrument that could help him to see.
Following this concept we have stopped considering eyewear as a mere help to our sight.
We have instead started a journey towards a new conception of a product that combines style and comfort.
Woo Class eyewear are made exclusively with selected natural woods soaked in a special mix of 98% biodegradable vegetable oils.
Our frames are formaldehyde free and are made in respect of the Euro 71/3 standard (safety for children toys).
Whilst building our glasses we focus on respect for the renewable resources and to the responsible use of natural raw materials.
Woo Class conceives anew way of “DOING BUSINESS” that has as its objective to trigger a virtuous circle. By payng attention to the provison of the row materials that are limited and have increasing and variable costs. Woo Class makes an effort to limit the production of waste and refusal contributing to reduceteh economic and environmental coast  of disposal process.