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Yes it is also possible at a distance. Contact us to find out more.


Woo Class eyewear is designed and manufactured with the wearer’s health foremost in mind. We use only natural, untreated woods, sourced with certainty and tracked.
Our frames are not colored with artificial agents and dyes. We also do not use reconstructed woods precisely because these can contain (given the very high percentage of glues present) formaldehyde.
The plywood is created by us so we know what we are putting in it.
Woo Class glasses do not contain chemical solvents, nor do they release harmful fumes ( Formahldeyde free).
Our wooden frames are not painted but treated and protected with a valuable blend of 100% biodegradable vegetable oils.
We have had many experiences with clients with severe allergy difficulties who were looking for a viable alternative. Their life with a Woo Class frame has greatly improved, and we are proud of that.

Can wooden spectacles be washed with water?

Yes. In fact, they need to be washed!
Woo Class glasses are protected by a special blend of vegetable oils.
The natural material thus stays “alive” nourished and well protected.
The glasses can be washed with running water.
Use mild soap and water to clean them from normal dirt that may accumulate. Dry them with a neutral cloth. If you treat them with care, they will last a long time!

Can I use my Woo Class wooden glasses at the spa?

The glasses are protected and their beauty is not altered.
Despite the sometimes very high temperatures, you will notice that wooden glasses do not overheat and your comfort in wearing them remains unaffected.

Is there an after-sales service?

We care a lot about our customers, we are available for any curiosity, doubt or problem you may have about the product.
For any questions feel free to write to us at: info@wooclass.it
It is important to us that you are happy wearing Woo Class eyewear!

How much time is required to make a mount ?

Depends on the model and processing required

We process our glasses one by one, exclusively by hand and more than 80 processing steps are required for the construction of each one.

If it is a Woo Class collection model the time required is 4/6 weeks.

For a “bespoke” model the time range is 6 to 8 weeks.

For a bespoke frame it varies depending on the type of workmanship.

Contact us for more detailed information: atelier@wooclass.it

Why should I wear bespoke glasses?

Because eyes are the first thing you notice when you meet a person.
The eyes are the windows to the soul. They speak of you and your temperament, which is why those who wear eyeglasses must pay attention when choosing a frame.
Glasses should be in complete harmony with your face shape, skin color, and personal style.
If you wear eyeglasses daily, think about how much this element can make you recognizable, or give you more personality.

Book a personalized consultation appointment with our designer and consultant at: jo@jaz.design

Are wooden glasses durable?

They are very durable. The material of which a Woo Class frame is constructed is a technically advanced material consisting of at least 11 layers of natural wood that is bent traditionally by
hot. The result is an elastic but very strong material.

N.B. We performed a series of “stress” tests on our wooden frames.
The following test shows that the rim of the frame resists the stress,
widening by 4.9 mm before reaching breakage.
The force used was 108 Newtons (approx. 10kg !).

How much does a wooden eyeglass weigh?

It is extremely light, the weight can range from 7 to 16 g as
the specific gravity of wood is approx. 700g/dm3 while that of ‘acetate is approx. 1600g/dm3.

What kind of lenses and sunscreens are used for sunglasses?

Woo Class eyewear mounts quality lenses that comply with guidelines 89/686
Cee FdA reg. 21 CF. The trademark is DIVEL Italia, with internal anti-reflection.
Protection class III according to European regulation 1836/2005.

What is the difference between a made-to-measure eyeglass and a bespoke one?

Nowadays there is a lot of talk about “handmade,” “custom-made,” but there are slight differences between what is really handmade and what is the result of some industrial processes that have some small rezlized steps within them.

In Atelier Woo Class we make handmade glasses one by one that do not have any industrial process.

Therefore, we can offer the possibility of “made to measure” processing if the customer wants eyewear that starts from one of our collection models.
From that predetermined model we begin the customization process by making the necessary changes in terms of sizing or chosen finish.
This type of processing is a plus that we offer to make the frame even more comfortable and personal. This service can be offered to the optician and also directly to the end customer either in the Atelier in Florence or remotely.

A “bespoke” frame, on the other hand, has no existing reference. We choose the materials, the gluing of the various wood essences according to what we want to achieve in that specific project.
It is necessary as at the tailor’s, to take the client’s specific measurements, as well as many other personal elements that are investigated in the process of personalized consultation. Then in-depth studies are made on the face, colors, shapes; making a series of proposals and some “samples and patterns” before arriving at the final eyeglass.
This type of workmanship is very valuable and requires, as is obvious, longer times as well as a higher cost.

It is also possible to make a bespoke frame remotely.
For any further questions write us without obligation, we will answer all your questions.

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