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3* Eye Bridge Collection

3* Eye is part of a capsule collection of 6 models in the collection called Bridge.
The collection is inspired by the iron and glass architecture of the late 1800s.

Each of the 6 models plays with the design on the bridge of the eyewear by creating subtle variations that graphically change the frame even substantially.

Eiffel, Paxton, Roster are some of the names that mention the greats of late 9th century engineering architecture.

The 3* Eye model represents the emphasis of this, a divertissement that creates the 3rd lens from this graphic play.

The 3rd Eye is the symbol of the 6th chakra or frontal chakra representing the quintessential feminine energy and mounts an amber lens.
3* Eye can be mounted with either ophthalmic lenses or sun filters.

Ph. Laura Daria Pezzini

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Ph. Laura Daria Pezzini