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For unique pieces, we choose to offer, in addition to natural wood, another very valuable material: buffalo horn, which is worked entirely by hand.

Buffalo horn is a prestigious and elegant material. Each board is unique in colour and density.
Horn is used in our Atelier exclusively for bespoke and bespoke frames.
The natural horn is worked entirely by hand, as is the polishing, which is the most delicate and demanding part.
The exclusive handwork enhances the special texture of this 100% natural material.

* We would like to say that no animals were mistreated in the making of these glasses. The water buffalo horn is a waste from the food industry that would otherwise be lost. In the principle of a circular economy, we feel responsible for the transformation of a residue of industrial processing. Reintroducing it into the production cycle ensures its sustainability.


  • Made-to-measure buffalo horn glasses for G.P.

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