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Layer is a project that was born from the idea of reusing some noble materials left over from eyewear manufacturing.

The name of this project that combines various elements is LAYER DESIGN precisely because it is LAYER.
The line was born out of a desire to escape from the world of eyewear and to continue to embrace the idea of recycling processing materials.
We liked to create something very colourful, fun, non-binding, as to say…. very easy! …both in form and price.
And so in the atelier, we took pleasure in combining some coloured veneers of reconstituted wood, forming different multi-layers with various thicknesses ranging from 5 to 8 glued layers with which we made and cut out shapes.
CUT – CURL – HOLES1 – HOLES 21 – HEART – RONDO – GROTTO are some of the names of the elements that came out of it.


Each element can be combined in a very personal way to form a minimal, colourful, light jewellery piece, choosing from the various colours available according to your taste and combination.
Starting with the basic circle that can be used as a bracelet, as a sash fastener or as an element to form different pendants assembled with imagination to form unique jewellery.
Then circles of various sizes, right down to the small circle that is a simple ring.
We have worked by optimising the material in a modular manner.


In addition to reconstituted wood elements, we produce a series of rings and unique pieces from the noble material residues of bespoke spectacle work. We have at our disposal unique material with unusual colour details and distinctive essences such as briarwood, ebony, etc. For us who are attentive and feel ourselves to be protagonists of a circular economy, it would be a shame to waste this precious material.

This gives rise to the collection 17.45 noble essences, sculptural forms that are embellished with mother-of-pearl, bone, silver.


For information and orders write to:  atelier@wooclass.it 

Ph. Atelier Woo Class