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Barumini – starry night

Theater glasses

The rich decoration of this scenic extra large sunglass frame is inspired by the megalithic palace of Su Nuraxi in the Barumini area of Sardinia.

Su Nuraxi is the largest nuragic settlement in Sardinia, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Creating theatrical and striking eyewear inspired by this ancient and magical place was designer Jochen Andreas Zeh’s starting point.

Barumini starlit night is the point of arrival.

Mysterious as a night quilted with stars.

The dense curtain of concentric centers of the decoration, encapsulates 12 precious Svarovsky crystals that give light to this seductive and unique model of sunglasses worked exclusively by hand.

A small sculpture of eyewear making.


Large sunglasses

Ph. Luca Mercatali