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per.pè.tuo is a calendar, a mutable object, as is the time it marks.

The object comes alive through daily gestures, changing its appearance through its use and the passing of time.

A conceptual object where emotion, gestures and graphic effects communicate different moods to the beholder.

per.pè.tuo is made of birch plywood with laser decoration. The surface is designed with 3 decorative variants that cite characteristic elements of handicrafts and the city of Florence.

The geometric marble orders of the Baptistery of San Giovanni, the architectural ashlar of Renaissance palaces and Florentine paper in its floral declination are reinterpreted in a modern key.

The very simple operation is reminiscent of the old disk telephones, where the rotating disks show the day and month.



  • BGN

florentine ashlar

  • FLR

florentine floral paper

  • PTG

geometrical Clerk of St. John

Dimension: 40×20 cm

Ph. Atelier Woo Class

* Realised within the ‘Design meets Artisan’ project by Florencefactory in collaboration with Marco Barazzuoli