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your uniqueness

Atelier Woo Class


Hand-made glasses

in the most natural way possible

A stylish accessory

talking about you

Woo Class handmade glasses

Tell your uniqueness through a pair of glasses.Eyewear is an stilish accessorythat speaks about you. Since 2004 at Atelier Woo Class we have been designing and creating glasses in the most natural way possible. Our workshop is located in the most authentic heart of the city of Florenceand it is here where each frame takes shape. We believe in an authentic product,completely handcrafted,built in an ethical and sustainable way.

Let yourself be moved!

If you know how to tell the difference between a sartorial garment and one from large-scale distribution, if you identify a value in the product “made exclusively by hand“; Woo Class is what you are looking for. The most ancient manufacturing techniques,connected to the most contemporary technologies, combined with our timeless design, will accompany you on a journey through tradition, which transcends into a new expressiveness of Artistic Craftsmanship.

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