Today we want to talk to you about art and in particular about an artist who is very dear to us.

Art marks our origins, it is part of our background.

It has been our environment for years, as we, are not born “makers of Wooden Glasses” but have become so with time.

We carry these experiences with us, we cherish them with loving strength.

But precisely because we started with art we take the opportunity to talk about a dear friend Fritzi Metzger, and we want to do so because we greatly appreciate her work and her choice of life.

Fritzi Metzger comes from Germany, exactly from Hamburg. In Kiel she began her singular artistic journey. In 1990 for her graduation she made 12 iron sculptures at the Lindenau shipyard, using only the scraps of ships under construction.

Later he came into contact with French artist Niki de Sainth-Phalle and collaborated on the workings of the famous “Tarot Garden” in our beloved Maremma, Tuscany.

Then he moves to Paris on a scholarship he won and soon after to Florence.

Later she is in Beirut and Kuwait where Fritzi lives and works for a period between 1998 and 2010 collaborating with interior designer Bassem Mansour. A ‘very intense experience for her that she still often tells us about with great enthusiasm.

Today she lives in Mugello just a few kilometers from what was our first Atelier.

She often comes to visit us, telling us her anecdotes, her projects; bringing us her ringing and irresistible laughter full of vitaminic energy.

In love with Mugello, Fritzi is an artist who tells life in color.

Her works speak of encounters, nature and dialogue with the land around them.

Light and color are indispensable elements in her creations.

The use of “rough and heavy” materials such as armor steel or plasma-cut iron is converted in his hands into incredibly light and sunny creatures.