A piece of our history, told in pictures.
In 2004, (12 years ago) we were building our mounts this way.

Pictured is a wood and leather frame built for Constance Eugenia and some examples of the iroko wood presses needed for steam bending using the ancient and traditional method of “Steam Bending.”

Because our frames are born flat from a single board and are then steam bent to achieve the correct meniscus and nose bend on the front.
To this day we still carry on that tradition of steam bending, with a dash of extra technology that makes our work a true blend of the traditional and the contemporary.

Artistic and Traditional Craftsmanship blended with the ‘technological innovation of our times.
Long live crafts and long live those who carry on the mission of artisan crafts with passion and respect.

In the picture: wood and leather glasses for Costanza Eugenia Zeh